Bertoline farmstead in the town of Lodi Ossago.

And 'This is an ancient land, marked by the passage around the 11th century A.D. a secondary Roman road, which connected the ancient village San Martino in Strada (from which passed the important road Cremonese) with Somaglia (ancient Roncaglia) on the Po.

Around IX0 century these lands belonged to the Benedictine Abbey of San Pietro in Lodi Vecchio, derived from ancient Lombard donations. The urge of the ancient monks, according to the rules which they professed, led the local population to the cultivation of these campaigns, tearing all'incolto and swamp.

Around 1300 the feudal lords of Ossago, the Capitenei Merlin, further stimulated the work of the campaign, especially to raise the income of their possessions.

Among the various farms that were erecting the second half of the fifteenth century probably it intersects the origins of this farm also. Cascina, certainly relative to the first half of the sixteenth century. Presumably built by the Bertoglio Conti, feudal lords of the nearby Secugnago and owners of vast campaigns.

During 1600 it was owned by the Canons Regular of the Lateran of S. Romano, in Lodi, maybe obtained from rich donations.

In 1772 he suppressed the religious order of the Canons following the so-called "deletions Giuseppiniane" (Emperor Joseph II of Austria), the property passed to the State and then bought by Lorenzo Baggi, whose family was of noble birth.

In 1866, as measured by a cartouche painted at the front door Vincenzo Baggi ristrutturava the entire farmhouse, making it "more modern" and appropriate to the new needs of agriculture ...

A few years after the run went to Cornalba brothers already have farmers in Strada San Martino, which soon after he also took over the property. Subsequently the early twentieth century the property passed to the Ferrari family of Lodi that conducted with the help of an agent they trust. In the mid 1900s the farm was run by Ferrari since 1964 and then sold in af fi t to the brothers Dol boundaries from Spino d'Adda. Subsequently, in 1982 the brothers will also Dolfini rilevavano the property.